Bars , Equal Vision Records


Released on October 19, 2004

Formed by individuals steeped in hardcore/punk history, the band has offered up an album that is a stripped-down, sonic onslaught. The debut is laden with a pissed-off rock n’ roll swagger that is as pummeling as it is catchy. Regardless of perspective or expectations, BARS make rock n’ roll, and make it explode.

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1. Bright Lights For Demise
2. Like It Never Was
3. You Are My Target Audience
4. Up To My Neck
5. Toecutter
6. The Frequencies Are Fucked
7. Type Face Love Letter
8. I Was Asleep By Now
9. Too Far Down
10. This Is It

Sku: BARSE10100-CD00

  • $9.99
    Digital Download