When Forever Comes Crashing

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Released on April 14, 1998

An altogther new sonic experience from one of the originators of the noise-metal-hardcore hybrid style now taking over the world. Converge go to new extremes on this, their heaviest release yet. Maybe this is your first Converge experience or maybe you've been a fan for years. Either way, this record will leave you floored.

Original Version.



1. My Unsaid Everything
2. The High Cost of Playing God
3. In Harms Way
4. Conduit
5. The Lowest Common Denominator
6. Towing Jehovah
7. When Forever Comes Crashing
8. Ten Cents
9. Year of the Swine
10. Letterbomb
11. Love As Arson

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Sku: CNV0E04100-CD00

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