Trading My Life EP

Liars Academy , Equal Vision Records


Released on October 29, 2002

Great rock and roll is full of texture, life and emotion. Once in a while a band matures to the level that they paint texture and articulate the essence of life with broad strokes of guitar resonance and melody. Liars Academy has grown to this level, where the music they produce is more than just songs on a sterile compact disc. The band has created the truest sense of rock on its newest offering, "Trading My Life". The four songs contained within this set are flashes of brilliant light, bursts of sound and moderate pressure on your skin. This is the texture of life and it comes in the form of great rock.

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1. Trading My Life
2. Chainsmoke The Night Away
3. Now Is The Time
4. It's Not Me, It's You

Sku: LIA0E07700-CD00