Released on September 7, 2004

For its sophomore album Demons, Liars Academy joined forces with producer J Robbins (Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Jawbox, Government Issue), bringing forth a mature and honest display the band hardly knew they had in them. Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Shelkett gives a particularly cathartic performance, exorcising ghosts and confiding innermost secrets throughout the likes of "Dying As Fast As I Can," "Microtron," "Ghosts of Baltimore" and the oddly playful "People Are Games.” Autobiographical themes of despair, regret, hope and redemption abound, complementing a superlative musical performance, making Demons Liars Academy's defining release.

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1. Microtron
2. Dying As Fast As I Can
3. Action Adventure
4. Ghosts of Baltimore
5. The Accountant
6. Breathing
7. Saturday Night
8. Demon
9. People Are Games
10. Come On Danger
11. More Than Ready
12. Washing Machine

Sku: LIA0E08600-CD00