Friends And Nervous Breakdowns

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Released on March 22, 2005

If you like comedy, real hip-hop and dope beats, this album should be in your collection. Fans of Anticon, Sole, and Atmosphere will definitely welcome the introduction to Weerd Science’s Friends and Nervous Breakdowns.



1. Intro
2. Conspiracy Theories w/ out Mel Gibson
3. My War, Your Problem
4. Ordinary Joe (WCH)
5. Girl, Your Baby's Worm Food
6. Blueprint
7. In a City With No Name
8. God Bless Pepsi
9. Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept.
10. Joshua, They're Laughing At You
11. Super Friends
12. How To Be a Terrorist
13. The Sitcom Really, Really Isn't All That Real
14. Methods 'n Test Tubes
15. Kill Your Rapper

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