Creation. Sustenance. Destruction.



Released on July 11, 2006

108's sound is revolutionary and influential on American hardcore, the members influences can still be heard. The liner notes are full of photos from the bands shows, as well as commentary by band members about most of the songs, which offers a clearer view of some of the deeply personal lyrics rooted in an unfamiliar spirituality and occasionally hidden in metaphors. The booklet also tells the full story of the band, from formation to demise and what happened along the way. It's just another great way to reminisce about being straight edge and getting your mosh on.

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1. Invocation
2. Blood
3. Killer of the Soul
4. Scandal
5. Being or Body
6. When Death Closes Your Eyes
7. Mantra Six
8. Arctic
9. Serve and Defy
10. Curse of Instinct
11. Pyro Stoke
12. Panic
13. Opposition
14. Deathbed
15. Noonenomore
16. Son of Nanda
17. Woman
18. Shun The Mask
19. Thorn
20. Solitary
21. I Am Not
22. Weapon
23. Govinda - Viahena
24. Hostage: I
25. Request Denied
26. Pale
27. Holyname
28. Grow
29. Hopeless
30. Gopinatha
31. 10.8
32. Thirst
33. Slave
34. Liar
35. Idefy
36. Tulsai's Song

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