Substance White Colored LP

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Released on July 11, 2006

If there’s any band that can incite a circle pit or inspire the kids to raise their fists and mosh till they can mosh no more, it’s certainly BETRAYED. If there’s any band that plays hardcore from the heart, it’s definitely BETRAYED, who are newly signed to Equal Vision and are armed with a brand new album, the fittingly titled Substance. There’s nothing processed, homogenized, over thought, or stale about Substance. It’s got a pulse, a vibe, and a heart. It favors fiery passion over flash, and substance over style. If there’s one thing the current hardcore scene is lacking in 2006, it’s a throbbing, beating heart that ignores image and encourages emotion. Thankfully, BETRAYED are here to inject the scene and the youth of today with a much-needed shot of loud, fast hardcore.

Vinyl LP


1. Think Twice
2. Substance
3. Consequence
4. The City Lights
5. Crossroads
6. Work For It
7. A Light In The Dark
8. Understand
9. Self Doubt
10. Nothing Tears Us Apart
11. Time Will Tell
12. Bring It To Life
13. I'm Not Afraid

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