The Always Open Mouth

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Released on September 19, 2006

It is pushing the post-hardcore genre further than it has been pushed in quite some time. Fear is now more melodic and less screamo. If you need one song to drive this into your skull it would be "My (Fucking) Deer Hunter", one of the best tracks to ever grace Equal Vision.



1. Absolute Future
2. Drowning The Old Hag
3. Mouth
4. Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party
5. Ten Seconds In Los Angeles
6. The Waiting Makes Me Curious
7. High as a Horse
8. Dog Sized Bird
9. Complete and Utter Confusion...
10. ...As a Result of Signals Being Crossed
11. My (Fucking) Deer Hunter
12. Lycanthropy
13. A Brief Tutorial In Bachanalia
14. A Gift For Fiction
15. Absolute Past

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