Released on April 3, 2007

Olympia, comprising former members of Fairweather and Brand New Disaster. Disregarding most of the emo influences of their former bands and Washington D.C., except for maybe some silly song titles, these four gents created Emergencies, 11 songs and 42 minutes of almost straightforward, kickass rock.

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1. Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!
2. Olympia is a Motherfucker
3. The Resurrectionist
4. Bastogne
5. Emergencies
6. Even Rome Had Sewers
7. This Ship Ain't Gonna Sink Itself
8. Who's Bad Party Time
9. It's Okay to Eat The Dead (Times Are Tough)
10. M-80
11. Lo, My Name Is Abhorred

Sku: OLYMHDR703-CD00