Quiet Mouth Loud Hands

Having gone through a complete line-up change following their first album, the only remaining member of DAMIERA was founder Dave Raymond. Raymond, who's the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, sought the help of friends from Iowa and producer Jayson DeZuzio to round out the band. Damiera sounds like what would happen if you threw a lot of Coheed and Cambria into a mixing bowl and added a little bit of Minus the Bear and then just kindly folded them together.

  1. Rainman
  2. Quiet Mouth Loud Hands
  3. Nailbiter
  4. Image and Able
  5. Teacher, Preacher
  6. Weights for the Waiting
  7. Chromatica
  8. Blinding Sir Bluest
  9. Woodbox
  10. Silvertongue
  11. Trading Grins

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