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Overexposed Mega

SHIPPING NOTICE: This is a presale item set to ship around 11/01/2017

This Bundle Includes:
Overexposed Tinted Blue Cassette Tape (limited to 100)

Overexposed CD

Overexposed Transparent Blue Vinyl LP (limited to 500)

Full Album Digital Download will be delivered via email on the release date
Instant Track "Distant" sent at the time of purchase

Overexposed White T-Shirt

Flowers Black Zip-Up Sweatshirt

Overexposed 40 x 40 Custom Wall Flag

Logo Pin Set

Logo Black Pigment Dyed Dad Hat

Album Release Date Is November 3rd 2017

Mockups are not actual representations of presale items, actual items may vary. Shipping date subject to change.

Equal Vision Records ID: 259487 Catalog ID: 3862 SKU: SOI0MEGA00-DL Created: 9/05/2017


Overexposed White

Flowers Black