First Temple CD

Closure In Moscow      

First Temple CD

First Temple is the debut studio album by Australian rock band Closure in Moscow, released to stores and digitally in the US on May 5, 2009. It was released digitally in Australia on May 9th and in stores on May 22, 2009, and is their first album on Equal Vision Records, following the success of their debut EP, The Penance and the Patience, in 2008.

  1. Kissing Cousins
  2. Reindeer Age
  3. Sweet#hart
  4. Vanguard
  5. A Night at the Spleen
  6. I’m A Ghost Of Twilight
  7. Permafrost
  8. Deluge
  9. Afterbirth
  10. Arecibo Message
  11. Couldn’t Let You Love Me
  12. Had To Put It In The Soil

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