New Jersey Double Gatefold Gold LP


New Jersey Double Gatefold Gold LP

Double LP
From 1995-2000, Floorpunch was a force to be reckoned with in hardcore. Six Feet Under is proud to release "New Jersey," a double 12" containing all 32 of Floorpunch's recorded songs. The demo, the 7", the "Fast Times" LP, three remastered compilation tracks and an unreleased Straight Ahead cover are all here contained in a gatefold cover with unseen photos, flyers and stories and memories by friends of the band.

1. Intro/Changes
2. Clear
3. My Path
4. Tolerate
5. Persevere
6. Jersey Shore
7. Floorpunch
8. Always
9. Not For Me
10. Changes
11. Stick Together
12. No Exceptions
13. Persevere
14. Deep Inside
15. Clear
16. Break Away

17. Washed Up At 18
18. Holding On
19. Not For Me
20. Shottsie
21. Time To Heal
22. No Exceptions
23. What's Right
24. Change Of Heart
25. True Colors
26. Always
27. The Answer
28. Gaining Ground
29. From The Outside
30. Turn Away
31. Point Of View
32. Let It Ride

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