The Hearts Of Lonely People (Remixes) Gold LP

Isles & Glaciers      

The Hearts Of Lonely People (Remixes) Gold LP

The Hearts of Lonely People (Remixes) Gold 12" Vinyl LP
- Limited to 600 Worldwide
- Heavy Matte Lamination Jacket
- Full Color Insert
- Digital Download Card Included

  1. Kings & Chandeliers II
  2. Hills Like White Elephants (Brian Southall Remix)
  3. Clush (Knights Remix)
  4. Empty Sighs & Wine (Citizun Remix)
  5. Oceans for backyards II
  6. Viola Lion (dr00gs Remix)
  7. Cemetery Weather (Piano Version ft. Kara Dupuy)

Equal Vision Records ID: 187496 Catalog ID: 1381 SKU: IAG0E290GD-LP00 Created: 2/01/2020
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