The Sound Of Human Lives Orange/White

Therefore I Am      

The Sound Of Human Lives Orange/White

DMM Mastered for Higher Quality Audio
Limited to 150 on clear orange vinyl
Limited to 350 on orange / white mix vinyl

  1. Death By Fire
  2. Eleven, Seventeen
  3. Splinters
  4. My Father, The Fatalist
  5. For The Sake of Skin
  6. It’s No Wonder Why
  7. The Sound of Human Lives
  8. I Am Only An Island
  9. Big Blue
  10. A Face In The Clouds
  11. No Face In The Crowd
  12. The Art of Transparency
  13. You Leave

Equal Vision Records ID: 245470 Catalog ID: 979 SKU: TIA0TSHLOW-LP00 Created: 12/22/2016
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