Art Offensive

Black Cross      

Art Offensive

Released on May 20, 2003

Previously known as BLACK WIDOWS, Louisville, Kentucky's BLACK CROSS includes former members of By The Grace Of God, The National Acrobat, Endpoint & Automatic. Their J. Robbins produced album Art Offensive will certainly please fans of By The Grace Of God and The National Acrobat, but forges a new path that combines elements of both bands while following a decidedly more punk rock stylistic approach. Taking a strong influence from late 80’s DC hardcore such as Ignition and Swiz, BLACK CROSS deftly meld traditional hardcore, chaotic noise rock and early melodic punk into a voice all their own.

  1. Art Offensive
  2. Screaming From The Top of the Stairs
  3. Black Market Cigarettes
  4. Icebox in the Alley
  5. Gift to the Sea
  6. Just Go Outside
  7. Commercial Break
  8. Peking Man in a Knight Suit
  9. Bitta's Walk
  10. Plank Walker
  11. V.K.H.C.
  12. Lifelong Cell

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