Released on June 14, 2005

Michigan-based indie-punk quintet Bear Vs Shark has become synonymous with a chaotically beautiful live show and an eclectic musical vision that transcends numerous genres. Citing influences ranging from The Clash, The Commodores, Husker Du, Fugazi, Led Zeppelin and Archers of Loaf, Bearvsshark strive to make music that is cathartic, inspiring and emotionally cleansing experience for themselves and their listeners.

  1. Catamaran
  2. 5,6 Kids
  3. Six Bar Phrase, Hey Hey
  4. The Great Dinosaurs with Fifties Section
  5. Baraga Embankment
  6. Entrance of the Elected
  7. Seven Stop Hold Restart
  8. What a Horrible Night for a Curse
  9. Out Loud Hey Hey
  10. India Foot
  11. Antwan
  12. I Fucked Your Dad
  13. Heard Iron Bug, "They're Coming To Town"
  14. Song About Old Roller Coaster
  15. Rich People Say Fuck Yeah Hey Hey

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