In Keeping Secrets Of The Silent Earth 3

Coheed and Cambria      

In Keeping Secrets Of The Silent Earth 3

Released on October 7, 2003

With their complex sound and elliptical song titles such as "Cuts Marked in the March of Men" and "A Favor House Atlantic," Coheed and Cambria appear to have passed Prog Rock 101 with flying colors and are ready and willing to introduce the sub-genre the next generation.

  1. The Ring In Return
  2. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
  3. Cuts Marked In The March of Men
  4. Three Evils (Embodied In Love and Shadow)
  5. The Crowing
  6. Blood Red Summer
  7. The Camper Velourium I: Faint of Hearts
  8. The Camper Velourium II: Backend of Forever
  9. The Camper Velourium III: Al The Killer
  10. A Favor House Atlantic
  11. The Light & The Glass

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