The Second Stage Turbine Blade Reissue

Coheed and Cambria      

The Second Stage Turbine Blade Reissue

After taking the music world by storm with "Second Stage Turbine Blade" and following up with the epic "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3," Coheed and Cambria have shown that being different in sound to their counterparts is what sets them apart. This reissue gives fans a never before heard glimpse into the mind of Coheed and Cambria and a second chance for those who never heard this classic album that started it all.

  1. Second Stage Turbine Blade
  2. Time Consumer
  3. Devil In Jersey City
  4. Everything Evil
  5. Delirium Trigger
  6. Hearshot Kid Disaster
  7. 33
  8. Junesong Provision
  9. Neverender
  10. God Send Conspirator
  11. Elf Tower New Mexico (Bonus)
  12. Junesong Provision (Unreleased Demo)
  13. Everything Evil (Unreleased Demo)

Equal Vision Records ID: 63160 Catalog ID: 103 SKU: CAC0E11400-CD00 Created: 5/30/2006
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