All's Well That Ends Well


All's Well That Ends Well

Released on July 26, 2005

Since their formation, Chiodos have been focused on creating something different while letting their diverse influences shine through. Their resulting debut full length is only definable as a melting pot of electronic beats behind piano, metal guitar riffs and poppy melodic vocal lines that leave you humming. Heavy and harsh at one moment, beautiful and serene the next, seemingly as a rule staying away from 'verse-chorus-verse' song writing. Chiodos is truly a beacon of light in a sea of music cluttered by cookie cutter mediocrity.

  1. Prelude
  2. All Nereids Beware
  3. One Day Women Will All Become Monsters
  4. Expired In Goreville
  5. Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek
  6. The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined
  7. Interlude Pt 1
  8. There's No Penguins In Alaska
  9. Interlude Pt 2
  10. We're Gonna Have Us a Champgane Jam
  11. No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room
  12. Who's Sandie Jenkins?
  13. To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks For Everything

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