'If They Move...Kill Them' Black LP


'If They Move...Kill Them' Black LP

Released on February 20, 2001

This Virginia quintet just tears it up on this album. It's got that DC Scene influence that brings up images of Dag Nasty, Frodus, and Fugazi all at the same time. While showing a sense of pop melody that would put New Found Glory to shame. In short, this CD is the cream of the emo crop.

  1. If They Move...Kill Them
  2. Soundtrack To The Ride
  3. Let's Hear It For Dartanian
  4. Young.Brash.Hopeful.
  5. South Street, 1 AM
  6. Casting Curses
  7. Whatever It Takes
  8. Next Day Flight
  9. Motion Sickness
  10. Welcome To Last Year

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