Fairweather - Lusitania

Fairweather - Lusitania

Released on July 1, 2003

After touring consistently through the fall and winter with The Movielife, Piebald, Brand New and Codeseven, Fairweather prepared to record Lusitania. Returning to the studio again with J. Robbins, the record proves to be Fairweather's most cohesive and sophisticated work to date. Lusitania is an hour long journey filled with tension, hope and the human condition. Fairweather has crafted a breathtaking album that is as captivating as it is beautiful – and now the world is ready to experience the flight of Lusitania.

  1. Derivitive Opener
  2. Lusitania
  3. Letter Of Intent
  4. The Treachery Of Images
  5. I Dread The Time When Your Mouth Begins To Call Me Hunter
  6. Silent Jury
  7. Mercer Island
  8. Slow To Standing
  9. 1195
  10. Concrete Atlas
  11. Burn Bridges, Keep Warm
  12. Alaska
  13. The Culling Song

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