Are These Our Lives?


Are These Our Lives?

Reflections War By Other Means One Step Away In The Balance When There's Nothing Left to Lose Unrestrained Legacy An Awakening Are These Our Lives? Saints and Sinners Seems Serene Released on August 3, 1999

To maximize the potency of their music, Trial took two full years to write this release. Both lyrically and musically, ""Are These Our Lives?"" is determined and powerful. Musically it's not too far removed from early hardcore bands such as Burn, Cro-Mags, and Beyond, who captured a sound that was fast, energentic and powerful.

  1. Reflections
  2. War By Other Means
  3. One Step Away
  4. In The Balance
  5. When There's Nothing Left to Lose
  6. Unrestrained
  7. Legacy
  8. An Awakening
  9. Are These Our Lives?
  10. Saints and Sinners
  11. Seems Serene

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