Versus The Mirror - Home

Versus The Mirror - Home

Released on April 18, 2006

Three years of playing under their belt and a new album recorded with Bob Hoag who also recorded their first EP that got them signed to Equal Vision Records, the band is ready to take it to the road. Their energetic and intense live shows have floored audiences and earned the band a devoted and dedicated fan base.

  1. Birthed By Architecture
  2. Smoke It to the Rope
  3. Barracuda Capital of the World
  4. Great White Zombie
  5. Life as a Criminal
  6. The Sound Asleep
  7. Out of Context
  8. Let's Get Alone
  9. Boy Gets What He Wants
  10. Fear Will Keep Them In Line
  11. Home
  12. (I Am) The Master of Gravity

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