Dancing Echoes...


Dancing Echoes...

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Released on October 5, 2004

Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds is a portrait of a band that is unafraid to take their art in a direction that is rarely explored by their peers. Codeseven has always expanded the boundaries and been ahead of their time. Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds will likely be the blueprint to which all other bands are compared over the coming years.

  1. La Mèmoire Rèincarnèe
  2. All The Best Dreams
  3. Pathetic Justice
  4. Nasty Little Revolution
  5. Quail's Dream
  6. Roped And Tied
  7. The Day That Doesn't End
  8. Shalo
  9. Alt. Wave
  10. The Devil's Interval
  11. Cherry Tree
  12. Sunflower

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