Circa Survive      


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Released on April 19, 2005

Part emo, part math-rock, part New Wave-influenced pop of the Fixx variety, Circa Survive's music lays down a bed of effects-laden guitar tones and complex bass/drum figures under Green's spooky, pre-pubescent-sounding vocals. "Stop the Car" features speedy, Rush-like hi-hat matched with vibrato guitar and Green's melancholy, legato phrasing, while the ska-influenced rhythm and high-pitched pop melody of "In Fear and Death" recalls REGATTA DE BLANC-era Police. With its driving, hardcore-influenced, dissonance-infused rock, Circa Survive's first album is an intriguing record that points to a promising future for the group.

  1. Holding Someone's Hair Back
  2. Act Appalled
  3. Wish Resign
  4. The Glorious Nosebleed
  5. In Fear and Faith
  6. The Great Golden Baby
  7. Stop the Fuckin' Car
  8. We're All Thieves
  9. Oh, Hello
  10. Always Getting What You Want
  11. Meet Me In Montauk

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